Gentry County Recorder of Deeds

Janet Parsons, Recorder of Deeds

OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
MARRIAGE LICENSE: Monday- Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
All state holidays are observed.

Gentry County Courthouse

Recorder Fee Schedule

Standard Documents $24.00 plus $3.00 each additional page
Non-Standard Documents Standard Document fee plus $25.00
Plat(18" x 24") $44.00 plus $25.00 each additional page
Plat(24" x 36") $69.00 plus $25.00 each additional page
Survey(18" x 24") $24.00 plus $5.00 each additional page
Survey(24" x 36") $29.00 pplus $5.00 each additional page
UCC Fixture Filings-Real Estate $24.00 plus $3.00 each additional page
(Approved form with required addendum)  
Federal Tax Lien $9.00
Federal tax Lien Discharge $7.50
State Tax Lien $3.00
State Tax Lien Discharge $1.50
Military Discharge No Charge
Add $5.00 for each additional reference on the document

NOTE: To provide for timely recording of documents and to be cost effective, the Recorder of Deeds will retain any excess payment of fees up to $10.00 over statutory fees. The amount submitted shall be considered and receipted as payment for service. This will reduce rejections and allow for the priority of recording documents. Fees over $10.00 of statutory fees will be rejected.

Real Estate Copy Fees
You must prepay for copies to be mailed or faxed. We accept check or money order.
Recording Document (per page) $1.00
Fax or mail $1.00 per page
Walk-in (per page) $0.25
Certification per document $1.50 plus $1.00 per page
Marriage License Fees  
Marriage License $46.00
Certified Copy of Marriage License $9.00
Copy of Marriage License (per page) $1.00 by mail, $0.25 walk-in
Returned Checks  
Returned Check Service Fee $25.00